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Welcome to Lubbesthorpe Primary School's website. We hope you find all of the information you are looking for and that the website will give you an insight into the life at our wonderful school. Lubbesthorpe is a brand new school in the New Lubbesthorpe area.  At present, we aim to have classes from EYFS up to Year 2. The school will grow year on year as we welcome new children into EYFS. It will eventually have two year groups EYFS to Y6 and is built to cater for 420 pupils.

It is a very exciting time for all of us as we establish Lubbesthorpe in the local community and we welcome your support for our school.

We greatly value parents and families as key to children’s success in education and are particularly keen to involve you in your child’s learning, by letting parents know what is happening in class, and supporting you to be able to help your child.

Our ethos is firmly rooted in our belief in providing the best opportunities for all of our pupils and Lubbesthorpe is:

A place of happiness, excitement and wonder, full of happy, inquisitive children, who love learning and who are determined to do their best and try new things.

A place where we pursue high academic standards but also provide a well-balanced education, where children are given an opportunity to discover talents across the whole curriculum including in technology, The Arts, PE & Sport.

A place where aspiration is key: every child will be encouraged and given their chance to shine regardless of ability or circumstances. Mistakes are welcomed as opportunities for new learning and understanding.

A place where learning is for all: our parents and community are welcome as our key learning partners in enabling children and families to flourish.

Lubbesthorpe Primary School is an academy and enjoys the benefits of being part of the OWLS Academy Trust. We work collaboratively with other schools in the trust, sharing practice and resources, however, our school also prides itself in retaining its autonomy.

Our aim is to recognise each child's individual talents. We want pupils at Lubbesthorpe to have memorable, lifelong learning experiences. Our school is very special: we have a learning environment to be proud of; amazing teachers and support staff; and as a result pupils are engaged, enthusiastic and proud of their school.

We welcome visitors and if you would like to look round our fantastic school, please contact the office to make an appointment.

The OWLS Trust and Lubbesthorpe Primary School received confirmation from the Department of Education that the OWLS Trust had been given Secretary of State Approval to sponsor our new primary free school in Lubbesthorpe, on 1st October 2018 after consultations with parents, teachers, children and the community.

The Governors and all other stakeholders, keeping abreast with the changing landscape of education, believe that partnership is vital to ensure stability and continuous high quality provision for our children. As a result the decision was made to join with local schools to from a Multi Academy Trust (MAT).

We are proud to be part of the OWLS (Oadby, Wigston & Leicestershire Schools) Academy Trust. The (MAT) has been formed with two other local schools, Langmoor Primary School in Oadby and Little Hill Primary School in Wigston. In September 2016, Fernvale Primary School joined our (MAT) and in September 2017, Hinckley Parks Primary School also joined our (MAT). We work closely with all schools to share expertise and resources to provide continuous, high quality provision for our children.

The OWLS Academy Trust has a CEO (Chief Education Officer) whose purpose is to work in conjunction with the Trustees and the Headteacher to promote consistency and a secure foundation from which to achieve high standards through a shared vision across all of our schools. The CEO (Chief Education Officer) is Mr Peter Merry.